Emily’s Home Cooking

Freezer Jam

The last thing I usually want to do is set up a canning assembly line and fiddle with brand new sealing lids – especially for very small batches of jam.
Truth time: I also dread the surprise of opening a sealed lid, usually of a jar gifted to me at a wedding or holiday, and discovering – shudder – mold. Was there too little sugar added by an austere home cook? Did the sterilization process of the jars and lids go astray?
No matter the reason, the fruit has been wasted, which is exactly the outcome I am trying to avoid when I start simmering a pot of jam.
My solution is Freezer Jam – which just means that I haven’t attempted to sterilize and boiling-water seal my jars of jam to make them shelf stable, instead storing them in the freezer until it’s their moment to be opened and enjoyed. After thawing they will last for several months in the fridge!