Emily’s Home Cooking

Personal Chef Services

Emily’s Home Cooking personal chef service offers global comfort food and customized party menus prepared in your home with Vermont ingredients and style. Meals designed to freeze beautifully are prepared, portioned, and stored in your home kitchen to make busy days more manageable.

A full freezer service {$550} includes forty delicious dinners, ten servings each of four different menu items. A half freezer service {$300} includes ten servings each of two menu items. Prices include all ingredients, labor, and packaging.

Customized party service menus, ideal for making intimate gatherings elegant and effortless, are available upon request.

“Delicious and expertly prepared.” – A.

“Probably the best dessert I’ve ever had, bar none!” – J.

“Great for all occasions, a celebration of many cultures and an appreciation for what is fresh and in season.” – M.

“This is the best dinner I have ever had.” – H. (Age 5)