Emily’s Home Cooking

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order VT Dinners, Monday Dinner For Two specials, or schedule a service?

Explore the Contact Link at the top of the page to send me a message by phone, email, or social media.

How do I pay for my VT Dinner or Monday Dinner For Two order?

Venmo is the most convenient but I also accept cash or check. Credit payments will include a transaction fee.

Can I make dietary specifications for VT Dinner Subscriptions?

Yes, let me know if you would like to stick to flavors without meat, certain meats, or gluten.

Can I get dairy-free VT Dinners?

No, currently all available VT Dinner flavors contain dairy.

What is the price of your freezer services?

A $300 minimum at $15 per serving, ten servings each of two menu items.

Do you offer both pickup and delivery?

Yes, Winooski pickup is free, delivery in the Burlington area starts at $10.

Do you ever deliver further than the Burlington area?

Yes, custom fees available for weekend delivery within fifty miles of Burlington.

What do your prices include?

Prices include labor, ingredients, packaging, and taxes.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, I am happy to provide gift certificates for all of my offers.

Can menu choices be adjusted to accommodate different diets?

I am always happy to offer free menu customization for diverse tastes and nutritional needs.

Do all the menu options freeze well?

All of my menus, with the exception of custom event menus, are designed to freeze beautifully.

How will my meals be packaged?

Monday Dinner For Two specials come packaged in two-serving freezer and oven-ready containers with simple reheating instructions. VT Dinners come frozen in a recyclable tray.

Please contact me with any further questions!