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I draw on many years of experience in my cooking, having often been inspired as a child to make what I called ‘concoctions’ of random ingredients thrown into a bowl and carefully stirred.
I sometimes even cooked meals for myself while growing up in Southern Vermont where my family raised chickens as well as the occasional lamb. I would cry when animals I had named were butchered, but the primal temptation of the aroma of chops over the fire always won me over.
My love of food slowly grew into my vocation as I learned about different cuisines and techniques, and the botanical idiosyncrasies of various ingredients. Working at several restaurants broadened my horizons beyond my home kitchen and personal tastes, and inspired me to become a personal chef.
In the years since I have had the privilege to cook for many wonderful local families, and it is very satisfying to be able to provide a service that supports members of my community in their daily lives.