Emily’s Home Cooking

Pomme Sauvage

Creative picnic baskets and grazing boards featuring handmade fruit condiments and showcasing Vermont delicacies.

Board for Two {$25} for Four {$45}

Basket for Two {$55} for Four {$75} for Six {$95}

Local Delivery {$5}

Sample Menu:

Salami with Currant Grape Mustard & Ruffled Purple Basil Pickled Dragon Beans

Chèvre with Lavender Rose Infused Honey & Ground Cherries

Boyer’s Cider Donut & Red Raspberry Red Currant Jam Trifle with Crème Fraîche Whipped Cream

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Facebook: Pomme Sauvage
E-mail: emily@emilyshomecooking.com

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